Living in Coram, NY

Coram, NY offers a tight-knit community, lush greenery, affordable housing, excellent schools, and diverse outdoor activities. Despite limited public transport and high living costs, the area provides a peaceful living environment. If you want to explore more about the quality of life, weather conditions, recreational facilities, educational institutions, local businesses, and transportation options in Coram, NY, the details are worth checking out.

Pros of Living in Coram, NY

Living in Coram, NY offers residents a sense of community and tranquility that is unmatched in the bustling metropolis of New York City. The town's charm extends beyond its serene environment, with various amenities and opportunities for residents to enjoy.

Some of the pros of living in Coram, NY include:

  • Close-knit community: Residents often form strong bonds and relationships with their neighbors.
  • Abundance of nature: Surrounded by parks and green spaces, Coram provides a peaceful setting for outdoor activities.
  • Affordable housing options: Compared to NYC, the cost of living in Coram is more budget-friendly.
  • Access to quality schools: Families benefit from the excellent educational institutions in the area, ensuring a bright future for their children.

Cons of Living in Coram, NY

While Coram, NY boasts several appealing aspects, there are certain drawbacks to ponder when contemplating residing in this town. These cons may include:

  • Limited Public Transportation: The town has limited public transportation options, making it challenging for those who rely on public transit.
  • High Cost of Living: The cost of living in Coram can be relatively high compared to surrounding areas, affecting residents' budgets.
  • Traffic Congestion: Traffic congestion during peak hours is a common issue in Coram, leading to longer commute times.
  • Limited Entertainment Options: Coram may lack diverse entertainment options, which could be a downside for individuals seeking a vibrant social scene.
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Cost of Living in Coram, NY

Is the cost of residing in Coram, NY comparable to neighboring areas in Suffolk County? Coram's cost of living is slightly lower than the Suffolk County average. Housing costs in Coram are more affordable compared to nearby towns like Stony Brook and Setauket. The median home price in Coram is around $300,000, making it an attractive option for homebuyers looking for more affordable housing options. Additionally, utilities, transportation, and healthcare costs in Coram are in line with the county averages. Below is a table comparing the cost of living in Coram to the Suffolk County averages:

Category Coram, NY Suffolk County Average
Housing Affordable Moderate
Utilities Average Average
Transportation Average Average
Healthcare Average Average

History of Coram, NY

The history of Coram, NY traces back to its early settlement by European colonists in the late 17th century. Originally inhabited by the Algonquian-speaking Setauket and Unkechaug tribes, Coram saw an influx of European settlers in the late 1600s.

The area's name is believed to have originated from a local Native American term meaning 'a passage between hills.' Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, Coram developed as an agricultural community, with farms and mills playing a significant role in its economy.

In the 20th century, Coram experienced suburbanization, leading to population growth and the establishment of residential neighborhoods. Today, Coram stands as a blend of its rich colonial history and modern suburban lifestyle.

Quality of Life and Weather in Coram, NY

Residents of Coram, NY enjoy a comfortable quality of life amidst the region's moderate weather conditions. The town experiences warm summers with average temperatures in the mid-80s Fahrenheit and cold winters with temperatures often dropping to the mid-20s.

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Coram receives around 45 inches of rain per year, slightly above the US average, providing a lush green landscape in the spring and summer months. The area also sees about 22 inches of snow annually, offering residents the opportunity to enjoy winter activities.

The pleasant weather allows for a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities year-round, from hiking and biking in the warmer months to skiing and ice skating in the winter. Overall, the weather in Coram contributes to a high quality of life for its residents.

Education in Coram, NY

With a focus on education, Coram, NY fosters a strong academic environment for its community members. The area is served by the Longwood Central School District, providing quality education to students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Within the district, there are several schools including Longwood High School, which offers a variety of advanced placement courses and extracurricular activities.

Additionally, Coram is home to the Longwood Public Library, offering resources and programs to support lifelong learning for residents of all ages. For those seeking higher education, nearby institutions like Stony Brook University and Suffolk County Community College provide opportunities for further academic advancement.

Employment Opportunities in Coram, NY

Boasting a diverse range of job opportunities across various industries, Coram, NY presents a promising landscape for employment seekers. The town's proximity to major business hubs like Hauppauge and Ronkonkoma further enhances its appeal for job seekers.

With a mix of retail, healthcare, education, and service sector jobs, individuals in Coram have a multitude of options to explore. Retail positions can be found in the local shopping centers, healthcare roles at medical facilities like the Long Island State Veterans Home, and educational opportunities at nearby schools and colleges.

Additionally, Coram's strategic location along major transportation routes provides easy access to neighboring areas for employment prospects. Overall, Coram offers a dynamic employment environment with opportunities for various skill sets and interests.

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Recreation and Attractions in Coram, NY

Situated in Coram, NY, a plethora of recreational activities and attractions await both locals and visitors. The town offers a range of options to enjoy leisure time and explore the area. Some notable recreation and attractions in Coram include:

  • Avalon Park & Preserve: A beautiful nature preserve with walking trails and peaceful surroundings.
  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park: Perfect for an exciting and active day out with friends or family.
  • Coram Country Lanes: Ideal for bowling enthusiasts looking for a fun and competitive experience.
  • Artist Lake: A serene spot for fishing, picnicking, or simply enjoying the tranquility of nature.

These attractions cater to various interests, ensuring there is something for everyone in Coram, NY.

Real Estate in Coram, NY

In Coram, NY, the real estate market offers a diverse range of housing options to cater to the varying needs and preferences of residents and potential homebuyers. Whether you are looking for a cozy apartment, a spacious single-family home, or a modern townhouse, Coram has something for everyone. Below is a summary of the current real estate market trends in Coram, NY:

Housing Type Average Price Average Square Footage
Apartment $250,000 800 sq. ft.
Single-Family $400,000 1,500 sq. ft.
Townhouse $300,000 1,200 sq. ft.

Transportation in Coram, NY

The transportation infrastructure in Coram, NY provides convenient accessibility for residents and visitors alike. The town offers various modes of transportation, enhancing connectivity and ease of travel:

  • Public Transportation: Coram is serviced by Suffolk County Transit, offering bus routes that connect the town to neighboring areas.
  • Road Network: Well-maintained roads like Middle Country Road and Route 112 facilitate smooth commuting within and outside Coram.
  • Carpooling Options: Carpooling initiatives help reduce traffic congestion and promote eco-friendly travel choices among residents.
  • Biking Lanes: Dedicated biking lanes promote a healthy and sustainable mode of transportation for fitness enthusiasts and environmentally-conscious individuals.


To sum up, living in Coram, NY offers a mix of pros and cons, with a moderate cost of living and a rich history. The quality of life is influenced by the weather and there are various employment opportunities available.

Residents can enjoy recreational activities and attractions in the area, while real estate options vary. Transportation is also accessible in Coram, NY.

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