Living in Harriman, NY

Settling in Harriman, NY means enjoying suburban peace close to Harriman State Park. Its quaint downtown hosts local shops and eateries. Families praise its exceptional public schools, and commuters love the easy NYC access. Yet, limited public transportation and a higher cost of living pose challenges. With a history dating back to the late 19th century, Harriman honors its railroading roots. Residents relish a high quality of life amid varying seasons. Would you like to uncover more about life in Harriman?

Pros of Living in Harriman, NY

Living in Harriman, NY offers residents a peaceful and picturesque environment with easy access to outdoor recreational activities.

  • Close proximity to Harriman State Park
  • Charming downtown area with local shops and restaurants
  • Excellent public schools for families
  • Convenient access to public transportation for commuting to NYC

Cons of Living in Harriman, NY

While Harriman, NY offers many advantages, there are certain drawbacks to take into account when residing in this area.

  1. Limited public transportation options.
  2. Higher cost of living compared to some neighboring areas.
  3. Limited dining and entertainment options.
  4. Traffic congestion during peak hours.

Cost of Living in Harriman, NY

Harriman, NY presents a higher cost of living compared to some neighboring areas in the region. Below is a breakdown of the average cost of essential items in Harriman:

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Item Average Cost
Housing $250,000
Groceries $400
Utilities $150
Transportation $100
Healthcare $300

History of Harriman, NY

The rich history of Harriman, NY traces back to its founding in the late 19th century as a planned community by the Harriman family. Named after E. H. Harriman, a prominent railroad executive, the town was established to provide housing for workers on the nearby railroad.

Over the years, Harriman has evolved into a vibrant community with a unique blend of historical significance and modern amenities.

Quality of Life and Weather in Harriman, NY

Nestled in the Hudson Valley region, Harriman, NY offers residents a high quality of life complemented by its diverse range of recreational opportunities and seasonal weather variations.

With access to Harriman State Park for outdoor activities and proximity to the Hudson River, residents enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

The town experiences cold winters with snowfall and warm summers, providing a mix of seasonal weather for outdoor enthusiasts.

Education in Harriman, NY

With a focus on providing quality education to its residents, Harriman, NY boasts a range of educational opportunities for students of all ages.

The Harriman Central School District serves the community with several schools offering diverse programs.

Additionally, residents have access to nearby colleges and universities, such as SUNY Orange and Mount Saint Mary College, providing higher education options within a reasonable distance from Harriman.

Employment Opportunities in Harriman, NY

Harriman, NY offers a variety of employment opportunities across different industries for its residents. The town boasts a growing retail sector with opportunities in major shopping outlets like Woodbury Common Premium Outlets.

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Additionally, Harriman is home to diverse healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and manufacturing companies, providing a range of job options.

With its strategic location and economic development initiatives, Harriman continues to attract businesses and create employment prospects for its community.

Recreation and Attractions in Harriman, NY

The town of Harriman, NY offers a vibrant array of recreational activities and attractions that cater to residents and visitors alike.

Harriman State Park: A sprawling natural oasis for hiking, picnicking, and birdwatching.

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets: A shopper's paradise with a variety of high-end stores.

Harriman Golf Course: A well-maintained course for golf enthusiasts.

Bear Mountain: Ideal for outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and hiking.

Real Estate in Harriman, NY

The real estate market in Harriman, NY offers a diverse range of properties to suit various preferences and budgets.

Property Type Average Price
Single Family $350,000
Condo $200,000
Townhouse $250,000
Apartment $150,000

Transportation in Harriman, NY

Accessible public transportation options make traveling around Harriman, NY convenient for residents and visitors alike. The town offers various means of transportation, including:

  1. Harriman Train Station: Connects residents to major cities like New York City.
  2. Local Bus Services: Provide easy access to neighboring towns.
  3. Taxi Services: Available for convenient point-to-point travel within Harriman.
  4. Ridesharing Apps: Offer additional flexibility for transportation needs.


To sum up, living in Harriman, NY offers a mix of pros and cons. The cost of living is moderate, with a rich history and quality of life.

Employment opportunities may be limited, but there are plenty of recreational activities and attractions to enjoy.

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Real estate options vary, and transportation is convenient.

Overall, Harriman, NY presents a unique living experience for those seeking a small town atmosphere with easy access to amenities.

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