Living in Pittsford, NY

Discover the delights of living in Pittsford, NY – a community celebrated for its top-rated schools, scenic green spaces, charming local shops, and strong sense of community. Despite the high cost of living and limited job opportunities in certain sectors, Pittsford offers a safe, family-friendly environment with diverse cultural events and festivals. Experience all four seasons, enjoy quality healthcare, and embrace a peaceful suburban lifestyle. Proximity to Rochester adds a touch of cultural enrichment. Explore further to uncover more about the rich history, educational opportunities, accessibility, and real estate offerings in Pittsford, NY.

Pros of Living in Pittsford, NY

Pittsford, NY offers a plethora of advantages for its residents, making it a highly desirable place to live. The town boasts exceptional schools, charming neighborhoods, and a strong sense of community. Additionally, its proximity to Rochester provides residents with easy access to city amenities while enjoying a more suburban lifestyle.

Here are five compelling reasons to contemplate calling Pittsford home:

  • Excellent school district renowned for academic excellence
  • Picturesque parks and green spaces for outdoor activities
  • Vibrant local shops and restaurants offering a unique small-town charm
  • Low crime rates creating a safe environment for families
  • Diverse community events and festivals fostering a strong sense of belonging

Cons of Living in Pittsford, NY

Finding the limited public transportation options can pose challenges for residents living in Pittsford, NY. This can lead to difficulties in commuting for those who rely on public transit, impacting their daily routines and access to essential services.

In addition to transportation issues, other cons of living in Pittsford include:

  • High cost of living compared to neighboring areas
  • Limited diversity in dining and entertainment options
  • Harsh winters with heavy snowfall
  • Lack of affordable housing options
  • Limited job opportunities in certain industries
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Cost of Living in Pittsford, NY

The cost of living in Pittsford, NY is a significant aspect that residents carefully consider due to its impact on their overall financial well-being and lifestyle choices. Pittsford is known for its upscale neighborhoods and high-quality amenities, which can influence the cost of living. Below is a breakdown of some key factors contributing to the cost of living in Pittsford:

Housing Utilities
Above-average Competitive
Transportation Groceries Healthcare
Affordable Slightly higher High quality

History of Pittsford, NY

With roots dating back to the late 1700s, Pittsford, NY, was initially settled in 1789 and officially established in 1796. The Erie Canal, completed in 1825, played a significant role in the town's growth, serving as an essential transportation route for goods and people.

The area also saw the rise of industries such as milling, farming, and later, manufacturing. During the mid-19th century, Pittsford became a popular stop for travelers and a hub for commerce.

Today, remnants of its historical past can still be seen in the town's architecture, landmarks, and community events, preserving its rich heritage for future generations.

Quality of Life and Weather in Pittsford, NY

Enhancing the overall appeal of residing in Pittsford, NY, the town boasts a favorable quality of life and a temperate climate characterized by distinct seasonal changes. Residents enjoy a peaceful suburban environment with access to various amenities such as parks, restaurants, and shopping centers. The low crime rates and well-maintained neighborhoods contribute to a sense of safety and security. Additionally, the town's proximity to Rochester provides opportunities for cultural enrichment and entertainment.

The weather in Pittsford offers residents the chance to experience all four seasons distinctly. Winters bring snowfall for outdoor activities, while summers offer warm temperatures perfect for outdoor events and recreational pursuits. Spring and fall showcase the beauty of changing foliage, creating picturesque landscapes throughout the town. The diverse weather patterns provide a dynamic and engaging environment for residents to enjoy year-round.

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Education in Pittsford, NY

Residents in Pittsford, NY benefit from a robust educational system that prioritizes academic excellence and supports student growth and development. The Pittsford Central School District, renowned for its high academic standards, offers a thorough curriculum from kindergarten through grade 12.

Students have access to a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, and clubs, enhancing their overall educational experience. The district is committed to providing a nurturing environment that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and lifelong learning skills.

Pittsford also boasts excellent private school options, such as Allendale Columbia School and Pittsford Sutherland High School. With a focus on individualized attention and innovative teaching methods, education in Pittsford prepares students for future success in higher education and the workforce.

Employment Opportunities in Pittsford, NY

The town of Pittsford, NY offers a diverse range of employment opportunities across various industries, contributing to its vibrant and growing economy. Major sectors include healthcare, education, technology, retail, and finance.

Strong demand for skilled professionals in fields such as healthcare services, education administration, software development, customer service, and financial analysis presents ample job prospects for residents.

Notable employers in Pittsford include the University of Rochester, Wegmans Food Markets, Paychex, and Rochester Regional Health. Additionally, the town's proximity to Rochester provides access to additional employment opportunities in a wider range of industries.

With a robust job market and a business-friendly environment, Pittsford continues to attract a talented workforce seeking rewarding career paths.

Recreation and Attractions in Pittsford, NY

Pittsford, NY offers a diverse array of recreational activities and attractions for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

  • Explore the Erie Canal: Take a leisurely walk or bike ride along the historic Erie Canal, offering picturesque views and a glimpse into the town's past.
  • Sam Patch Tour Boat: Enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Sam Patch Tour Boat, perfect for sightseeing and learning about the local waterways.
  • Parks and Trails: Discover numerous parks and trails scattered throughout Pittsford, ideal for hiking, picnicking, or simply enjoying the outdoors.
  • Golf Courses: Tee off at one of the well-maintained golf courses in the area, catering to players of all skill levels.
  • Pittsford Farms Dairy & Bakery: Indulge in delicious homemade treats and fresh dairy products at Pittsford Farms Dairy & Bakery, a local favorite for sweet cravings.
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Real Estate in Pittsford, NY

Known for its charm and desirable location, the real estate market in Pittsford, NY offers a range of housing options to suit various preferences and lifestyles. From historic homes with character to modern developments, Pittsford provides diverse choices for potential residents. Here is a snapshot of the current real estate market in Pittsford:

Property Type Average Price
Single Family Home $400,000 – $800,000
Townhouse $250,000 – $400,000
Condo $200,000 – $350,000
Rental Apartment $1,000 – $2,500/month

These prices can vary based on the specific neighborhood within Pittsford and the property's size, condition, and amenities.

Transportation in Pittsford, NY

Located in upstate New York, Pittsford boasts a well-connected transportation network that serves its residents and visitors efficiently. The town offers various transportation options, ensuring ease of travel and accessibility:

  • Convenient Bus System: Pittsford's bus system provides reliable and affordable transportation throughout the town.
  • Bike-Friendly Community: With well-maintained bike lanes and trails, cycling is a popular and eco-friendly way to get around Pittsford.
  • Accessible Walking Paths: Scenic walking paths and sidewalks make it safe and enjoyable to explore the town on foot.
  • Proximity to Major Highways: Easy access to major highways like I-490 facilitates seamless travel to neighboring cities.
  • Ride-Sharing Services: Services like Uber and Lyft are readily available, offering convenient transportation options for residents and visitors alike.


Overall, living in Pittsford, NY offers a high quality of life, with a rich history, strong employment opportunities, and plenty of recreational activities.

The cost of living may be higher compared to other areas, but the real estate market is stable.

The town also boasts good transportation options and a pleasant climate.

Overall, Pittsford, NY provides a desirable environment for residents seeking a well-rounded community.

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