Living in Ticonderoga, NY

Living in Ticonderoga, NY offers mesmerizing views of Lake George and the Adirondack Mountains, rich historical sites like Fort Ticonderoga, and a strong sense of community. Job opportunities are primarily in tourism, and winters can be harsh with heavy snow. The cost of living ranges from $150,000 to $500 per month for utilities. The town played a pivotal role in the American Revolutionary War and boasts a tranquil small-town charm. Outdoor activities like hiking and fishing are abundant. Companies like International Paper offer diverse job options. Discover more about living in this enchanting town.

Pros of Living in Ticonderoga, NY

Living in Ticonderoga, NY offers residents a tranquil and picturesque environment with a rich historical background. The town's charm captivates many, thanks to:

  1. Breathtaking Scenery: Stunning views of Lake George and the Adirondack Mountains.
  2. Historic Sites: Explore Fort Ticonderoga's legacy and the region's role in American history.
  3. Community Spirit: Strong sense of community with welcoming neighbors and engaging local events.

Cons of Living in Ticonderoga, NY

Despite its many charms, Ticonderoga, NY does present some challenges for its residents.

  1. Limited job opportunities, primarily in tourism.
  2. Harsh winters with heavy snowfall can be challenging.
  3. Limited healthcare facilities, requiring travel for specialized medical care.
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Cost of Living in Ticonderoga, NY

The cost of residing in Ticonderoga, NY is notably influenced by a range of factors, including housing prices and local expenses.

Cost Category Average Cost
Housing $150,000 – $300,000
Utilities $150 – $250/month
Groceries $300 – $500/month
Transportation $50 – $100/month
Healthcare $200 – $400/month

History of Ticonderoga, NY

With a rich history of historical events woven into its fabric, Ticonderoga, NY boasts a compelling past that echoes through the centuries.

The town played a pivotal role in the American Revolutionary War, with the famous Battle of Fort Ticonderoga taking place in 1775.

Today, Ticonderoga preserves its history through museums, historic sites, and events that celebrate its significant contributions to the nation's heritage.

Quality of Life and Weather in Ticonderoga, NY

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of the Adirondack Mountains, Ticonderoga, NY offers residents a unique blend of small-town charm and tranquil natural surroundings. The quality of life in Ticonderoga is characterized by a close-knit community, access to outdoor recreational activities like hiking and fishing, and a peaceful atmosphere.

The weather in Ticonderoga features cold, snowy winters and mild summers, providing a distinct four-season experience for its residents.

Education in Ticonderoga, NY

Ticonderoga, NY offers a range of educational opportunities for its residents, including a selection of schools catering to various academic needs.

The Ticonderoga Central School District serves students from kindergarten through 12th grade, providing an all-encompassing education.

Additionally, there are private school options available for families seeking alternative educational approaches.

The town also boasts proximity to colleges and universities for those pursuing higher education opportunities.

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Employment Opportunities in Ticonderoga, NY

The town of Ticonderoga, NY offers a variety of employment opportunities across different sectors for its residents, contributing to a dynamic and diverse local economy.

Industries such as tourism, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and retail provide job options for individuals in the area.

With companies like International Paper, Ticonderoga Federal Credit Union, and the Ticonderoga Central School District, there are opportunities for diverse skill sets and interests.

Recreation and Attractions in Ticonderoga, NY

The town of Ticonderoga, NY boasts a variety of recreational activities and attractions that cater to residents and visitors alike.

  • Lake George offers scenic boat tours and water sports.
  • Fort Ticonderoga provides historical reenactments and educational programs.
  • The Ticonderoga Heritage Museum showcases the town's rich history through exhibits and artifacts.

Real Estate in Ticonderoga, NY

Residential properties in Ticonderoga, NY offer a diverse range of housing options to suit varying preferences and budgets.

Property Type Bedrooms Bathrooms Price Range
Single Family 3-5 2-3 $150,000-$400,000
Condo/Apartment 1-2 1-2 $80,000-$200,000
Townhouse 2-4 1-2 $120,000-$300,000

Transportation in Ticonderoga, NY

In Ticonderoga, NY, getting around the town's transportation network is essential for residents to access various amenities and services.

Emotions Evoked by Ticonderoga's Transportation System:

  1. Convenience: Well-connected bus routes and taxi services make commuting hassle-free.
  2. Community: Carpooling initiatives foster a sense of togetherness among residents.
  3. Sustainability: Embracing eco-friendly transportation options promotes a greener environment.


To sum up, living in Ticonderoga, NY offers a mix of pros and cons, with a lower cost of living and rich history being key highlights. The quality of life and weather are favorable, while employment opportunities and recreation options are available.

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Real estate in Ticonderoga is varied, and transportation options are sufficient for residents. Overall, Ticonderoga provides a unique and historic setting for those looking to settle down in a small town environment.

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