Boulder City NV: Tranquility Near Las Vegas (Pros and Cons)

Living in Boulder City, NV comes with a 12% higher cost of living than the national average, with a median home price of $435,891 and an average annual household income of $83,943. Employment opportunities shine with an average income 30% higher than the national average and a predicted job growth of 40.3% in the next decade. The city boasts a low crime rate, 58% lower than the U.S. average, and a safe environment due to the absence of casinos. Additionally, Boulder City's hot desert climate and diverse range of temperatures make it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. If you're curious about more unique aspects of this vibrant city, there's plenty more to discover!


  • High safety with a crime rate 58% lower than the U.S. average.
  • Robust job market with 40.3% predicted growth in the next decade.
  • Ideal climate for outdoor activities with 290 sunny days annually.
  • Limited public transportation options but easy access to major highways.
  • Diverse housing options and stable home appreciation rates.

Cost of Living

Living in Boulder City, NV comes at a cost that's 12% higher than the national average. The median home price in Boulder City is $435,891, making housing relatively affordable compared to other cities in Nevada. To comfortably live in this picturesque city, the average annual household income is $83,943, with a minimum income of $62,792 needed to cover expenses. Utilities, groceries, and transportation costs in Boulder City align closely with national averages, offering a sense of consistency in daily expenditures.

Despite the higher cost of living, the affordable housing market in Boulder City provides opportunities for residents to find suitable accommodation. With proper budgeting and financial planning, many find ways to make ends meet while enjoying the unique charm of the city. Whether it's exploring the historic district or taking in the stunning views of Lake Mead, Boulder City offers a lifestyle that balances comfort with cost considerations.

Employment Opportunities

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With an average income 30% higher than the national average, Boulder City offers competitive employment opportunities in various sectors. The local economy thrives on industries like tourism, food service, public administration, and retail trade, providing a diverse range of job opportunities. Over the past year, the job market in Boulder City has seen a healthy growth rate of 3.5%, indicating a positive trend in employment opportunities.

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Looking towards the future, job growth is predicted to soar by 40.3% across all sectors in the next decade, painting a promising employment outlook for residents. Some of the top employers in Boulder City include the Las Vegas Valley Water District and Boulder City Hospital, offering positions in sectors such as healthcare and utilities. These companies not only promote the job market growth but also ensure a stable employment environment for the community.

Housing Market Trends

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Boulder City's competitive real estate market is characterized by increasing home prices and a variety of housing options available, including single-family homes, apartments, and condos. The housing market trends in Boulder City, NV, reflect a robust real estate market with a growing demand for housing. Rental market options cater to a diverse range of tenants, offering choices to suit various preferences. New construction projects are underway to meet the increasing housing demand, providing opportunities for individuals looking to settle in this vibrant city.

Home appreciation rates have shown stability in recent years, indicating a steady and reliable market for homeowners. The competitive nature of the market is driving innovation and development, ensuring that Boulder City continues to offer attractive housing options for both buyers and renters. Whether you're looking to invest in property or find a place to call home, Boulder City's housing market presents a dynamic landscape with opportunities for individuals at every stage of life.

Safety and Crime Rate

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Experiencing a crime rate 58% lower than the U.S. average, Boulder City guarantees a safe and secure environment for its residents. The low crime statistics and peaceful surroundings make Boulder City one of the safest cities in Nevada. With a one in 647 chance of being a victim of violent crime and a one in 104 chance of experiencing property crime, residents can feel at ease in this community. The absence of casinos within the city limits further contributes to the overall safety and tranquility of Boulder City.

Living in Boulder City means enjoying a peaceful environment where safety is a top priority. The city's commitment to maintaining low crime rates provides residents with a sense of security, allowing them to thrive in a community known for its safety and well-being. Whether taking a stroll in the park or enjoying a night out, Boulder City offers a safe haven for its inhabitants, making it a desirable place to call home.

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Climate and Weather

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Get ready to embrace the hot desert climate of Boulder City, NV, which offers sweltering summers and chilly winters for your year-round experience. With approximately 290 sunny days a year and low humidity levels, Boulder City provides an ideal climate for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Temperatures range from 36 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, rarely dropping below 28 degrees or exceeding 110 degrees, making it a haven for those who appreciate consistent weather patterns.

Despite the limited rainfall, mostly occurring in the winter months, Boulder City's mild winters are perfect for exploring the outdoors without the harsh cold of many other regions. The city's climate caters well to a variety of interests, from hiking and biking to golfing and sightseeing. Whether you prefer the heat of summer or the coolness of winter, Boulder City's climate offers a diverse range of temperatures throughout the year, ensuring you'll find the perfect weather for your preferred activities.

Community and Lifestyle

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Embracing the vibrant community and lifestyle in Boulder City involves active parental involvement in schools, fostering a strong educational environment. Residents revel in the family-friendly atmosphere, reinforcing a sense of safety and belonging. The city hosts a plethora of events and activities catering to all ages, ensuring a lively and engaging lifestyle for everyone. Boulder City's residents cherish the isolated feel of the town, creating a serene and close-knit community where bonds are easily formed.

The city amenities complement the small-town living experience, providing a well-rounded lifestyle choice for its inhabitants. Living in Boulder City offers not just a place to reside but a community to be a part of. The events, activities, and tight-knit bonds formed within this city make it a unique place where you can truly feel at home. Explore the city's offerings, engage with your neighbors, and soak in the essence of small-town living with big city amenities.

Education and Schools

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With a high graduation rate and a strong emphasis on education, Boulder City provides residents access to excellent educational opportunities through the Clark County School District. The city boasts an impressive 87.6% high school diploma rate among its residents, showcasing the community's commitment to education. Additionally, approximately 22.2% of Boulder City residents have achieved a bachelor's degree or higher, highlighting a drive for continuous learning and growth within the population. Being part of the Clark County School District guarantees that students have access to quality education from an early age.

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For those seeking post-secondary education, Boulder City offers proximity to institutions like Nevada State College and the College of Southern Nevada. These higher education options further enhance the educational opportunities available to residents, allowing for a smooth shift from high school to college. The city's above-average high school graduation rates reflect the dedication to providing a solid educational foundation for its youth, setting them on a path towards success in their academic pursuits.

Transportation and Commute Time

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Getting around Boulder City is a breeze with the average commute time being around 19 minutes. Here are some key points to keep in mind when it comes to transportation and commute time in Boulder City:

  1. Commute Time: The average commute time in Boulder City is significantly shorter than in many other cities, making getting to work or running errands quick and convenient.
  2. Carpooling and Alternative Transportation: Less than half of residents commute alone by car, indicating a potential for carpooling or exploring alternative transportation options to reduce traffic congestion and environmental impact.
  3. Work from Home: Over 10% of workers in Boulder City work remotely, which not only cuts down on commute times but also contributes to easing traffic congestion on the roads.
  4. Public Transportation and Highways: While public transportation options within Boulder City are limited, the presence of major highways offers easy access to surrounding areas, providing additional commuting choices for residents.

Boulder City's bicycle-friendly environment, with designated bike lanes, encourages eco-friendly transportation alternatives, making it a well-connected and accessible community for its residents.


Overall, living in Boulder City, NV offers a unique blend of pros and cons.

While the cost of living may be higher than average, the employment opportunities and safety ratings are impressive.

The housing market trends are stable, and the climate is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

With excellent schools and a tight-knit community, Boulder City is a great place to call home.

Just be prepared for a longer commute time if you work in nearby cities.

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